Creativity Resources

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All by David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley

  • The authors of this book provide strategies that can help anyone increase their creative capacity. There are examples of how organizations have utilized the techniques to become more creative and innovative.

The Secret Phrase Top Innovators Use by Warren Berger (Harvard Business Review)

  • The power of the phrase “how might we” is discussed. Min Basadur is credited with using the phrase for the last 40+ years. Innovative organizations such as IDEO, Google, and Facebook use this phrase.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

  • This comprehensive biography of Apple icon Steve Jobs is a great read. Jobs’s ability to innovate was due to his ability to recognize needs before people realized they had them. He also stressed the importance of in person collaboration to drive creativity and innovation.

Basadur Applied Creativity

  • Basadur Applied Creativity provides training in creative problem solving, articles, books, and other resources.

IDEO Shopping Cart – ABC Nightline

  • The brief video introduces IDEO’s approach to solving problems. They practice important skills, including deferring judgement, empathy, and prototyping.

George Land TEDx Talk on Creativity

  • George Land provides a historical context for creativity. His creativity work with NASA was then applied to a longitudinal study on creativity that demonstrates creativity decreases from childhood to adulthood.